What is Lucro?

Lucro is a digital platform that helps healthcare organizations evaluate and choose the right vendor partners. By linking healthcare buyers with sellers of innovative healthcare products, Lucro has reinvented the outdated purchasing process and accelerated decisions.

Healthcare Organizations

Created by healthcare leaders with a deep knowledge of healthcare buying cycles, Lucro helps healthcare organizations make better, faster purchasing decisions while lowering risk.


Be included when healthcare organizations are making purchasing decisions relevant to you.

Healthcare Innovation

Lucro accelerates the decision-making process at hospitals and health systems while bringing visibility to promising innovations. Used by healthcare organizations collectively representing nearly 1,000 hospitals, Lucro helps providers evaluate new options and innovations, align their organization and make better decisions.

Who We Serve

Our Healthcare Partners Include

Healthcare Organizations

Innovation Leader

Innovation Leaders

Simplify decsion-making for new products and align purchases to your strategy.

IT professional

IT Professionals

Align and scale the most effective solutions across your organization.

Clinical leader

Clinical and Operation Leaders

Collaborate with peers on solutions to your top initiatives.


Sales leader


Give prospects the information they want up front, reducing client acquisition costs and sales cycle time.

Marketing leader


Target prospects looking for solutions like yours and ensure your offerings are being considered.

Executive leader


Enable your happy clients to catalyze your company’s growth.