What is Lucro?

In collaboration with leading healthcare organizations and vendors across the industry, Lucro reinvents the connection between buyers and sellers of innovative products for healthcare. For healthcare organizations and vendors alike, it has never been easier to discover together.

Healthcare Organizations

Accelerate and manage innovation with greater clarity and lower risk.

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Make your solutions available where healthcare leaders are looking.

Healthcare Innovation

The healthcare industry is exploding with new and promising innovation. Lucro gives those innovations the visibility they deserve and healthcare professionals the information they need to discover, decide, and deploy faster than ever before.

Who We Serve

Our Healthcare Partners Include

Healthcare Organizations

Innovation Leader

Innovation Leaders

Find technologies aligned to your broader strategy.

IT professional

IT Professionals

Align and scale the most effective solutions across your organization.

Clinical leader

Clinical and Operation Leaders

Simplify decision-making with trusted colleagues and valued advisors.


Sales leader


Capture demand for your solutions, reducing client acquisition costs and sales cycle time.

Marketing leader


Ensure your offerings are considered for buying decisions where they are a fit.

Executive leader


Enable your happy clients to catalyze your company’s growth.