What is Lucro?

Lucro is a free platform for healthcare organizations to find, evaluate, and choose the right vendor partners. We help project managers reclaim hours lost managing vendor selection. Created with input from leading health systems, Lucro makes complex buying decisions simple for buyers and sellers alike.

Healthcare Organizations

Get the answers you need from Vendors without hundreds of pages and dozens of spreadsheets. R.I.P., RFP.


Hospitals have questions, and you have answers. Share your solutions with Healthcare Organizations looking for your offerings.

How does it work?

Here’s a quick explainer video on how Lucro makes it easier for both healthcare organizations and vendors.

Who We Serve

Some of our clients include

Who uses Lucro?

The person who
“gets it done”

They have many titles: project manager, program manager, business analyst, etc. Lucro users are typically in charge of researching vendors and gathering the information needed to see which one best meets the organization’s needs.

Healthcare Organizations
who want to save time

Lucro gives organizations back those hours wasted getting stakeholders on the same page, emailing spreadsheets back and forth, and copying and pasting to create vendor comparison presentations.

Vendors who are tired of
cold calls and mass emails

Vendors who are tired of wasting time and money with cold calls and mass email marketing use Lucro.