Bruce Brandes on Lucro’s Unique Healthcare Insights

By June 16, 2016Interview, News

(as presented by America’s Healthcare Leaders on June 15. Please click here for the original article)

In today’s featured segments, Bruce Brandes, Founder & CEO of Lucro, explains how his organization is able to glean and share industry insights from the metadata created by users of the digital platform.

In the first segment Brandes describes the multi-sided digital platform for healthcare organizations and vendors, and discusses the insights available into the market and the incredible value of metadata.

“Our goal, in the short run, is to build the platform and to scale it very quickly, and to go very deep within the health systems in terms of being the backbone of how they internally collaborate and communicate… A byproduct of capturing the data that comes as a result of all those interactions is we really have the opportunity to become a data analytics company, gleaning insights in the industry that frankly just don’t exist today.”

In the second segment, Brandes addresses the question of Lucro’s relationship to group purchasing organizations (GPOs). He explains:

“We want to partner with the GPOs to help synthesize their insights… we think there’s a tremendous opportunity to partner with the GPOs. I personally believe that GPOs—and a lot of legacy organizations (and true of health systems as well)—really have to be very introspective on what value they’re bringing, and potentially reinvent themselves going forward to add the value that the industry will need in the future. And we think Lucro can be an enabler for those organizations that are striving to figure out how do they play a more meaningful role in the future of healthcare, as opposed to what they may have done in the past, because I think the expectations from the industry will be different.”

To hear more on Lucro’s unique healthcare insights, click on this link to view the videos below.