The Lucro Vision for Healthcare

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(as appeared on American Healthcare Leaders on June 17, 2016)

Vision is necessary for any company to be truly successful. In today’s segment, Lucro’s Founder & CEO, Bruce Brandes, discusses the Lucro vision for healthcare.

Lucro Vision - American Healthcare LeadersBrandes describes Lucro’s growth model, explaining where they’re at now and what they envision for the future. Starting with a network of “early adopter” health systems, the Lucro platform is steadily growing:

“We really are becoming the core catalytic component for how these large organizations internally collaborate and communicate and engage with their vendor partners. So we think there’s a tremendous opportunity to set that model within our early adopter network ahead of rolling it out to the other organizations.”

Afterwards Dan Nielsen asks how other healthcare organizations can be involved. Brandes responds that they have an “open door” to healthcare organizations and you can find out more on the Lucro website.

In the second segment, Brandes discusses the benefits he desires for the two stakeholder communities they are striving to serve with their multi-sided platform.

Benefits to Healthcare Organizations:

  • Accelerate execution on innovation
  • Achieve outcomes from those innovations
  • Achieve better care, better health, and better cost for their communities

To watch these segments in full and hear more about the benefits to healthcare providers and vendors, click below.

Bruce Brandes on Lucro’s Unique Healthcare Insights

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(as presented by America’s Healthcare Leaders on June 15. Please click here for the original article)

In today’s featured segments, Bruce Brandes, Founder & CEO of Lucro, explains how his organization is able to glean and share industry insights from the metadata created by users of the digital platform.

In the first segment Brandes describes the multi-sided digital platform for healthcare organizations and vendors, and discusses the insights available into the market and the incredible value of metadata.

“Our goal, in the short run, is to build the platform and to scale it very quickly, and to go very deep within the health systems in terms of being the backbone of how they internally collaborate and communicate… A byproduct of capturing the data that comes as a result of all those interactions is we really have the opportunity to become a data analytics company, gleaning insights in the industry that frankly just don’t exist today.”

In the second segment, Brandes addresses the question of Lucro’s relationship to group purchasing organizations (GPOs). He explains:

“We want to partner with the GPOs to help synthesize their insights… we think there’s a tremendous opportunity to partner with the GPOs. I personally believe that GPOs—and a lot of legacy organizations (and true of health systems as well)—really have to be very introspective on what value they’re bringing, and potentially reinvent themselves going forward to add the value that the industry will need in the future. And we think Lucro can be an enabler for those organizations that are striving to figure out how do they play a more meaningful role in the future of healthcare, as opposed to what they may have done in the past, because I think the expectations from the industry will be different.”

To hear more on Lucro’s unique healthcare insights, click on this link to view the videos below.

What investments from massive health care players, including HCA, mean for this Nashville startup

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Although it publicly launched late last year, Nashville health-tech startup Lucro held its true “coming out” party last week. Between the announcement of an investment from some of the nation’s largest hospital players and days spent spreading its message at the annual Health Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) conference in Las Vegas, the week brought lots of notice to the company that seeks to bring clarity to an industry overflowing with eager vendors looking to court hospitals.

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Startup Insider: Lucro Marketplace

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Health systems and hospitals are often inundated with pitches from those pushing product-based solutions to the point that they can’t see the differences between their options, let alone pick the right one for their specific needs. Lucro Marketplace is trying to bring order to that chaos.

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Lucro Online Marketplace Promises to Disrupt Traditional Model of Solutions Decision-Making for Healthcare Organizations

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NASHVILLE, Tenn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Lucro, an enterprise backed by Martin Ventures, today announced the launch of a new marketplace that accelerates decision-making for healthcare leaders, allowing them to discover, compare and collaborate with their peers around innovative solutions. Many of the largest healthcare organizations in the U.S., collectively representing more than 1,000 hospitals, have engaged as early adopters to use the marketplace in advance of its launch in the spring of 2016.

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Lucro to present at Becker’s CEO Roundtable Conference

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Lucro will be presenting at the 2015 Becker’s CEO Roundtable Conference on November 18th in Chicago, Illinois. Making a special announcement, Founder and CEO Bruce Brandes will lead conference attendees in “Connecting Innovation to Providers and Providers to Solution: Introducing a New Platform for Industry Collaboration.”

Becker’s Hospital Review 4th Annual CEO Roundtable + CFO/CIO Roundtable will begin on Wednesday, November 18th and focus on core issues, opportunities and strategy for the hospital or health system CFO and CIO audience. On Thursday, November 19th, sessions will feature specific content for the hospital or health system CEO.

For more conference information, please visit the Becker’s CEO Roundtable Conference website.