Your digital platform when selecting vendors

Finding vendors, corralling stakeholders, defining requirements, and assessing products. What if technology could take the hassle out of vendor selection and rescue you from wasting time?

 Lucro is a digital platform doing exactly that. Remove the hassle of finding vendors. Manage projects easier with less wasted time. Be confident that you’ve found the right vendor for your project.

Create a Project

Built for team decisions

Healthcare purchases require input from many stakeholders. Organize your team to list their requirements and score vendor responses, and keep all of your stakeholders in-sync.

Compare vendors side-by-side to your project requirements

It’s easy to determine which vendor meets your organization’s requirements by comparing vendor responses to one another.

Compare Solutions
Solution Comparison

Documentation in one click

Documentation is critical to justify your purchase and hold vendors accountable. Once you’ve determined the best vendor, Lucro summarizes the work completed and your best vendor with a single click.

“Lucro allows healthcare organizations to coordinate and accelerate decisions on their most pressing initiatives. The platform helps healthcare leaders partner with the right suppliers to improve care, manage risk and lower cost—three things that are essential to the long-term success of the healthcare system.”

Molly CoyeMD, MPH, social entrepreneur at Residence, Network for Excellence in Healthcare Innovation and former Chief Innovation Officer at UCLA

“Our partnership with Lucro is focused on harnessing the vast industry experience and wisdom across CHS to help our health system drive innovation. Through Lucro’s platform, we can define and prioritize potential initiatives to ensure alignment of our resources. Subsequently, we can gain the transparency needed to better leverage our current vendor partners, discover new potential solutions and collaborate more efficiently to advance from an idea to decision to a successful outcome.”

Manish ShahSVP and CIO, Community Health Systems

"Lucro enabled us to quickly and more easily select a vendor partner for our corporate pilot facility credentialing project. Much of the information on relevant products was already populated in Lucro, expediting our market research. Our team collaborated internally and directly with the vendors through the platform for clarifying questions and insights, minimizing time and resources otherwise wasted with an RFP and unnecessary meetings. We intend to use Lucro for more of our enterprise vendor selection initiatives going forward."

Eric ThrailkillVice President and Chief Information Officer, AMSURG - an Envision Healthcare Solution

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