The modern approach to discovering healthcare IT products and services.

Join leading health systems engaged with Lucro to make decisions on innovations in areas including population health, telemedicine, patient engagement, value-based care and more.

Create a board to describe the project you’re working on.
Crowdsource products from the Lucro Community and pin relevant ones to your boards.
Evaluate, compare, and discuss products privately with trusted colleagues to choose the right one for your organization.

Define your project.

Create a Board to describe what you’re looking for so you can start crowdsourcing products from the Lucro Community and collaborating with your peers to get stuff done.

Review products and services.

Review relevant products from the Lucro community and decide which are worth considering further on a board.

Evaluate, compare, and decide.

Align internally through private collaboration tools and gain clarity from the experience and wisdom of the people you trust so that you can choose the right vendor partner.

“Lucro allows healthcare organizations to coordinate and accelerate decisions on their most pressing initiatives. The platform helps healthcare leaders partner with the right suppliers to improve care, manage risk and lower cost—three things that are essential to the long-term success of the healthcare system.”

Molly CoyeMD, MPH, social entrepreneur at Residence, Network for Excellence in Healthcare Innovation and former Chief Innovation Officer at UCLA

“Our partnership with Lucro is focused on harnessing the vast industry experience and wisdom across CHS to help our health system drive innovation. Through Lucro’s platform, we can define and prioritize potential initiatives to ensure alignment of our resources. Subsequently, we can gain the transparency needed to better leverage our current vendor partners, discover new potential solutions and collaborate more efficiently to advance from an idea to decision to a successful outcome.”

Manish ShahSVP and CIO, Community Health Systems