Healthcare Organization

Accelerate Decisions with Lucro


Hospitals define projects to meet their initiatives

Teams at healthcare organizations create boards to advance company initiatives. Boards make it easy to privately request information from vendors that can help hospitals meet their goals, work together as a team, and choose the best solution.

Vendors apply to projects

Vendors can submit their products to open boards for consideration by the organization. The name of the organization is private, but the problems they’re trying to tackle or goals they want to meet are available for vendors to submit relevant products.

Teams collaborate to make the best decision

Board teams can easily consider vendor submissions and narrow their applicants, as well as discuss their evaluation and send follow up questions to vendors. Direct product comparisons are available at the click of a button.

Teams decide

Once a selection has been made, vendors are appropriately notified, and the organization maintains a record of the vendor selected, diligence completed, and participants involved.