Lucro Online Marketplace Promises to Disrupt Traditional Model of Solutions Decision-Making for Healthcare Organizations

By November 18, 2015News, Press

Announced today via BusinessWire

NASHVILLE, Tenn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Lucro, an enterprise backed by Martin Ventures, today announced the launch of a new marketplace that accelerates decision-making for healthcare leaders, allowing them to discover, compare and collaborate with their peers around innovative solutions. Many of the largest healthcare organizations in the U.S., collectively representing more than 1,000 hospitals, have engaged as early adopters to use the marketplace in advance of its launch in the spring of 2016.

Healthcare innovation has been challenged by industry consolidation, economic and regulatory pressures, and the need to improve patient care, improve the health of populations, and reduce the per capita cost of health care. Meanwhile, sellers of promising and proven solutions that support these very objectives struggle to survive in an increasingly crowded marketplace where gaining access to decision-makers and demonstrating differentiated value is difficult.

“Until now, information on innovative, disruptive solutions for healthcare has been hard to find and even harder to trust,” said Bruce Brandes, CEO and founder of Lucro. “Healthcare can no longer afford to lag behind other industries in enterprise strategy and solutions decision-making. With Lucro, healthcare leaders can engage a community of colleagues and peers to accelerate decisions with greater clarity and lower risk.”

“When evaluating potential innovations today, healthcare leaders must sift through a bevy of biased, disparate pieces of data without getting the full picture of all of the innovations that are on the market,” said Devin Carty, a Lucro board member and former Chief Strategy, Marketing and Human Resources Officer for multiple large healthcare providers. “Lucro provides a single location for trusted information and a private community of peers and credible independent third parties to accelerate the evaluation and decision-making process. Lucro will reduce time, risk and resources in making decisions that solve the challenges healthcare organizations face.”

Lucro’s capabilities include:

  • a comprehensive catalog of established and emerging companies and their products for healthcare
  • the ability to organize individual products within project boards, enabling the pinning of individual products to be grouped into a comprehensive solution
  • insights from trusted colleagues through ratings, reviews and polling
  • private group collaboration to raise consistent best practices enterprise-wide
  • aggregation of specific, valuable third party insights into a fuller context to inform more comprehensive decision-making

Through the Lucro marketplace, emerging and established solution providers gain increased market visibility, access and unprecedented insights to find the right potential customers and catalyze the growth of the industry’s most promising and proven solutions.

While some information has been pre-populated into Lucro for most companies targeting healthcare organizations, Lucro invites solutions providers to engage now to complete their “solutions card” or company profile about their products. This will ensure potential customers are collaborating around the most accurate and complete facts regarding these products, technologies and services.

There is no cost to buyers (healthcare organizations), sellers (solutions providers), and third parties (such as industry analysts and professional organizations) to become engaged with Lucro. Please visit for more information and sign up to be part of the community.

About Lucro

Lucro is a new marketplace for healthcare leaders to innovate faster with greater clarity. Until now, information on technologies, products and services has been hard to find and even harder to trust. With Lucro, healthcare leaders can collaborate with a community of trusted peers when evaluating solutions and accelerate decisions in a private and trusted way. For more information, visit

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