The Lucro Vision for Healthcare

By June 17, 2016Interview, News

(as appeared on American Healthcare Leaders on June 17, 2016)

Vision is necessary for any company to be truly successful. In today’s segment, Lucro’s Founder & CEO, Bruce Brandes, discusses the Lucro vision for healthcare.

Lucro Vision - American Healthcare LeadersBrandes describes Lucro’s growth model, explaining where they’re at now and what they envision for the future. Starting with a network of “early adopter” health systems, the Lucro platform is steadily growing:

“We really are becoming the core catalytic component for how these large organizations internally collaborate and communicate and engage with their vendor partners. So we think there’s a tremendous opportunity to set that model within our early adopter network ahead of rolling it out to the other organizations.”

Afterwards Dan Nielsen asks how other healthcare organizations can be involved. Brandes responds that they have an “open door” to healthcare organizations and you can find out more on the Lucro website.

In the second segment, Brandes discusses the benefits he desires for the two stakeholder communities they are striving to serve with their multi-sided platform.

Benefits to Healthcare Organizations:

  • Accelerate execution on innovation
  • Achieve outcomes from those innovations
  • Achieve better care, better health, and better cost for their communities

To watch these segments in full and hear more about the benefits to healthcare providers and vendors, click below.