An easier way to find relevant
healthcare opportunities

Healthcare organizations use Lucro to save time selecting vendors for new projects. We make it easy for them to find vendors and determine the best fit. Over 1,000 hospitals prefer it over tons of emails, time-consuming cold calls, and long RFPs.

Those historical ways of finding customers take a lot of time for you, too. We’re here to help.

Send your solutions to active projects

Lucro makes it easy to send your solutions to hospitals looking for them. It’s a risk-free opportunity to recommend your solutions to active buyers.

Add your solutions with just a hyperlink

Creating and maintaining profiles is a pain. Lucro keeps your pages current by refreshing content from your existing website and social media.

Communicate directly with project owners

Project owners ask questions and keep vendors up-to-date on their progress as they evaluate solutions. All of your communication remains private and direct.

Upgrade so you never miss an opportunity

Upgrade to a premium subscription to stay in the loop with notifications of new projects, understand why your offerings aren’t selected, and receive enterprise customer service to make the most of each opportunity.

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"Most often for us, buyers are very familiar with all of the problems that we solve, but don’t know a solution like our exists. So much of our sales process is education. I need a way to reach buyers through educating them on the problem and how we can take care of that."

Gail PeaceCEO, Ludi

"There are so many new entrants into the health tech market that it is harder and harder to break through to the buyer. To keep from investing in a large, national sales force (which I won't do), I am looking to leverage new channels like Lucro to maximize our reach and accelerate our sales process. There is no vendor specific application outside of maybe the RFI/ RFP, which is not really automated."

Rich PalareaCEO, Kermit

“Lucro can make my life easier. Now I don't have to track down 50 different people to try
and find the right decision-maker. It would also give me visibility into where they are in the
decision-making process in real-time."

Michael McGarryVP Business Development, 1Bios

Lucro has simplified and streamlined our business development efforts within the health system segment. It has been beneficial to us as a younger company because it has allowed us to get our information about our services in front of decision makers across the US without having to employ a large sales force. The various provider cards have been informative as to what types of products and services that major health systems are interested in deploying.

Chris HareVP of Business Development, Rhinogram

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